A not-for-profit Community Interest Company


We are a community of people in recovery from addiction, which can take many forms including alcohol, drugs and prescription medication.

We work in partnership with CWP NHS Trust to run courses and programmes to help people find abstinent recovery, and support one another to maintain it.

More than this, though, we believe that people in recovery have a powerful message of hope for a society in crisis. People in recovery are transformed and often go on to make a real difference to their communities.

At The Olive Branch we want people to recover and reach out to others in our community in any kind of need - not just as result of addiction, but also poverty, isolation, ill-health, old age - using their time and skills to offer practical and social support. Our volunteers and graduates become beacons, attracting people to recovery and transmitting positivity and hope to the community and society.

For further information, please call 07445 928256 or email info@olivebranch.org.uk

The Olive Branch is updating this website and the full site will be back soon.



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